Christmas Treat: Reason. (5)

Based on: John 3:16-17

A short passage, but plenty to say on why this is so important to the Christmas story. God loves, he gave, and he lets each of us decide what happens next.

Because of our human nature, all we can hope for is to wither and fade like flowers or grass. Our rebellion only means an eternity of perishing, and being separated from God is in our future.

Angel in front of Cross.

This is the season of hope, of joy, and assurance that God has provided a way back to him. Light has been shone in the darkness. His spirit is drawing his people out to come and see his gift, and accept it on faith. We all need a savior to redeem us from the sin that condemns us. Trust in Jesus.

Christmas Banner.


Music in the show is selected tracks from Handel’s Messiah. As recorded from the radio, a live performance by the Minnesota Chorale and Orchestra