Crossover – Behind the Scenes of Luke Investigates. (254)

Catch a glimpse of what it takes to put together a short audio drama, in a crossover episode that also appears on: Lion’s Den Audio Book and Drama Podcast, the Protectorate Podcast, and Protectors of the Book.


Your hosts, Nathan and Keith review how the audio drama came into being. Who offered the idea, and why pick the gospel of Luke to dramatize? How or why did the added commentary, and fictional characters come a bout? A little back story of our fictional fisherman, Tibberias is shared as well.

Some hints at upcoming installments are given, although Keith usually only plans far enough ahead to write the next scene in the next script. We also talk about technical needs, and difficulties in editing the audio. Software limitations, and flakiness in getting hardware to play well.

Sorry for the non-theological content today. But the drama itself is part instructive, and part entertainment, and sometimes folks just like to know what’s under the hood with productions like that.

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“Used with permission from Microsoft.”


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