The normally scheduled show is hijacked, and the invaders derail the topic into an audio drama. A crossover of our various show formats that include a past feature of the podcast, Retrobots.

Warning: This show contains Retrobots.

What are Retrobots, and why should you be warned?

Really, they are harmless. They began life over on Keith’s other podcast. Retro Radio. I’m told that some people find their synthetic voices annoying, or maybe it’s their style of humor. You decide. They try to be helpful, but when we invite them to join the show, they somehow always cause trouble and add a degree of humor. Think of them as digital puppets, who are naive, misinformed, and can be an odd mixture of smart, silly, and childlike. In recent months, since our milestone episode 200, they only make the briefest of appearances. Only enough to tell you what the episode number is before each show.

OK, end of warning.

“Used with permission from Microsoft.”

As Keith tries to introduce the anticipated topic, Retrobots barge in to demand more attention, and lines in the show. Somehow, they notice how often Nathan Caldwell has been missing from doing live recordings in the studio. David Retrobot discovers the storeroom where Keith keeps his time machine for his other podcast, and before you know it the whole gang is off on a time-traveling journey in search of the missing Nathan.

We get a false start but escape a disaster when Keith takes control away from David. The ever-helpful Callie synchronizes with the time machine and helps to get us in the right direction in space and time. Just when we think we may have a lead on where Nathan is, we tune our radio to bible teacher, J Vernon McGee to offer insights to how scripture records the events we see unfold below us.

Have we finally caught up with our missing co-host? Is he enjoying a meal of fish sandwiches with the rest of the multitude? Did he join the crew of disciples who rowed their boat out in the face of a storm?

Hey, there won’t be any spoilers from me. Just listen and enjoy the fun. Share it with your kids. Tell us what you really think of the Retrobots.

“Used with permission from Microsoft.”


Script: Keith Heltsley
Creative Consultant: Jill Kelley
Special appearances by J Vernon McGee and Nathan Caldwell
Retrobots played by themselves

Notice: No Retrobots were harmed in the production of today’s episode. Any similarities to the real Keith or Nathan, living or dead, or any reasonable facsimile thereof, are purely intentional.

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