Luke Investigates 11 Stirred Up. (279)

Based on Luke 6:1-16

Cast and drama.
Luke, Zephaniah, Mrs. Zephaniah (or, Joanna), Jesus, Pharisee

Luke finds his new friend, who teaches him how Jesus made waves with traditional religious teaching.

“Used with permission from Microsoft.”

After the late-night of discussing Jesus, Luke is directed by Zephaniah’s wife, Johanna where too meet with her husband. In particular, an instance where Jesus disciples were eating grain from a field on the sabbath. Was it really legal for them or not?

Zephaniah describes some nuances of what the law allowed, and some of its restrictions. then he goes on to tell about the challenge of doing good on the sabbath. the attention then moves from the furious religious leaders to a prayerful night in narrowing down the disciples from 72 down to only twelve.

in the end, Luke lends his help in a healing moment between His host, Zephaniah, and his wife.


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