Our schedule is a little mixed up and delayed, but here’s another installment in the adventure Luke finds himself in while writing to his friend, Theophilos.

Picking up with the scene where we left off last week, Luke tends to a patient. Zephaniah’s wife explains why she didn’t travel as much as her husband in following the Master. The husband and wife recount one of Jesus’ many sermons. One that parallels the sermon on the mount, as recorded by Matthew. ”

As Jesus preaches on Blessings, woes, and putting love into practice, Luke pauses the dialog to clarify points along the way. Returning blessings for curses, or for being struck is controversial. It is still a difficult concept today. Are we really supposed to give up our worldly possessions, just because someone asks for them?

Doing good, lending, treating the sinner with respect, are all ways Christians are expected to demonstrate love to others. It may be humbling, but the eternal reward is great. The sermon is far from over, as Tiberias the fisher hints at when he enters from his daily catch at the lake. Stay tuned for more words from Jesus.

Trivia: One of the voice actors in today’s episode performed their lines the morning after having surgery, and with stitches in their throat. Can you guess which one?


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