Re-Quest 33 Introducing Spiritual Truth. (293)

Since Keith is out of town this week, enjoy this blast from our past from January 2018.

Here’s the original show notes.

In the studio for a solo episode, Keith anticipates a call from Nathan Caldwell. After a visit from the Retrobots, who manage to sabotage a few things, we have to take a break while Keith irons out technical troubles.

Getting right to our Main Topic, Nathan has phoned in his quick ideas on the appearing of the Holy Spirit as found in Acts 2.

Keith reads from a few notes, mixing in Nathan’s comments, and even lets the Retrobots read from the chapter.

First of all, it’s important to know the church has a mission that can only be powered by the working of the Holy Spirit. Jesus himself promised the Spirit would come, and empower each individual, as well as the body of believers as a group. It’s the Spirit who changes, and transformz uz into being more like Christ. Why? so we can share the good news of God’s grace, the word of Jesus, and the gift of the Spirit to others.

The Spirit lives with, and empowers individuals. The first sign was in breaking down comunication barriers. Don’t get bogged down by the ability of whether you’re speaking in tongues, or not. it’s a gift that serves a purpose, God’s purpose, not a flashy show for you. Instead, be amazed in the promise that was fulfilled. Focus on being an agent of God to share the Spirit with others, not the end of the line of any blessings that have come your way. In a nutshell, the Spirit comes first, then amazing works are done.

The Spirit empowers spreading the Gospel. When you’re filled by the Spirit first, truth spills out. Are you not a bold, or outgoing person? Good, just allow the Spirit to fill you, and let the Spirit work through you. it’s he who can doo that bold work, beyond what you thought possible. Are there struggles that need to be overcome? Only when you don’t pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Or you turn him away, or tone him down.

The Holy Spirit builds community. How do you know the signs of God at work? There is unity, providing for others needds, fellowship, joy in physical needs, and joy with the others in the spiritual community. In short, the Spirit fills us with love, and it overflows to spill out on anybody else around. It goles viral. Imitated behavior is fake, and gets tiresome quickly. Seek God first, ask to be filled with the Spirit, and love is renewed, and is naturally spread around.

Haven’t you ever experienced the overflowing love from the Spirit? it’s a once for all time event. if you aren’t experiencingg it, all you need to do is ask God for it. Ask to be filled, or refilled, and he’ll do it. People aren’t perfect. We leak. But that’s no reason to not ask to be filled again, every day. Then let the light of God’s love shine to those in the world around you.

Start your new yer out right. Seek God, ask for his spirit, and share that good news with the world.