Recalling Six Years of Podcasting. (300)

Despite some Internet flakiness, your hosts, Nathan and Keith, meet live in Churchhouse Studio to share a few memories and changes through the last six years. As we talk about the beginnings of the podcast and its mission, we share the messages that our listeners contributed, starting with a fan who goes all the way back to episode 1, and another who has gone back to the first shows to binge listen. Talk about dedication, or maybe just a big case of insomnia.

A nod is given to a new podcast that aims to be family friendly, humorous, and informative, That Sounds Funny. Inspired by James Kennison and his long standing work over at That Story Show and who has also been a guest on this podcast a number of times.

Nathan and Keith review past segments and our old theme music. Does anyone remember what an early trademark of the show used to be? Or what our original theme music was? As the episode moves along, the Internet pretty much drops off, never to return. Keith manages a hasty drama with the Retrobots, but has to finish the show solo. Thanks to Andrew Rappaport for the word of encouragement, and allowing us to participate in his Christian Podcast Community. Last but not least, the first person we interviewed from our first season shares his thoughts on our milestone episode. Greg Koukl is back with some updates of his own. Check out his new and improved, updated Tactics book.


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