Role Model of Integrity. (283)

What makes a good role model, and who can be one? Using a recent sermon from Nathan Caldwell, and various sources, Keith presents the need for parents to step up to the role,


What a good role model is:
Surrendering to Christ (motive and action),
guided by , embraces christ,
alert, Which is even better than being woke.
consistent, reliable,
honors God as judge of all.
faithful to do the right thing even in secret),

pure heart.
seeks a good role model to be a good role model,
humble in mind and heart,

What a role model is not:
Self serving,
easily tempted,
skeptical, or doubtful,
unfaithful, or not loyal.
compares success to others,
full of pride,

This list was built from devotional time with these scriptures: 1 CORINTHIANS 10:13; HEBREWS 13:7-8; PSALM 90:8; 2 CHRONICLES 15:7; PHILIPPIANS 3:17; ACTS 9:27-28; JOB 34:2-4.

Spine of a Bible ca. 2001, “Used with permission from Microsoft.”

As Nathan presents his sermon on The Value and Cost of Integrity, found in Genesis 39, Keith interrupts to bring other concepts on mentoring into focus. As it is put in Experiencing God, by Henry Blackaby and Claude V King:

Take time to consider each child God has entrusted to you. It is an awesome responsibility. Praise God for His willingness to walk with you and to guide you as you teach your children to know and love Him. Be aware that, even when they reach adulthood, your sons and daughters still see you as a role model.

Being a role model never ends. Though a priceless obligation, we too often sell it for pocket change as Nathan points out. The integrity of a role model might win many privileges, as it did for Joseph. but true character stands up to being tempted and put to the test. It’s the strength of the Lord that causes flourishing in the end.

A word for pastors and church leadership is meaningful for the regular parent and role model.
In the book, The Leader’s Journey, specifically in the chapter THE SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES AND THE PATH TO TRANSFORMATION p. 131, the author has this to say:

Even leaders are not immune to looking for meaning in the externals. As the spiritual role model in the church, it is tempting to focus on what our lives look like, rather than on what is really going on inside. We measure our significance by the size of our congregation or by how well we are liked or by how highly we are thought of in the community. At workshops and seminars, we are offered a quick fix, three easy steps to church growth, five ways to reduce stress. Or we can buy books and tapes that promise to transform our ministry into a wildly successful one if we only try harder and follow the program. We obsess about the externals and starve our souls.

As a parent or regular guy, replace the references to church or congregation with household. This still applies as you lead your family in daily life
Don’t focus on how being a successful role model looks from the outside. Focus on whether you’re doing it right, in being true to God’s standards. Are you managing the opportunities that come your way with integrity?

Joseph was made an overseer, he had the opportunity. He was still tested. Was he mature enough to pass?

Continuing in the chapter, THE SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES, AND THE PATH TO TRANSFORMATION p. 131, the author continues with the topic of ”soul neglect”

is a way of life for many in ministry. We grow busier and busier to please more and more people. We spend more time in meetings than we do in prayer. We scarcely have time to read the newspaper, much less spiritual classics, or devotional readings. We study Scripture, but we do it for other people to convey God’s Word to them. Our own hearts are often thirsty for a word from God,

The point is to stay grounded in the truth of God’s word…