Thankful for an Awesome God. (296)

Or, How Awesome Are God’s Deeds?

The focus today is on universal praise of God’s kingship. Based on a sermon by Nathan Caldwell, we’ll focus on the first section of verses in Psalm 66.

Spine of a Bible ca. 2001, “Used with permission from Microsoft.”

We are told, commanded to shout for joy for God. This isn’t just a lifting of the voice, it is to be an earsplitting roar of celebration. Not only the gathered people, but all the earth is to join in.
And doesn’t it in its way? The natural world points to a creator through peaceful scenes of grandeur, to the roaring winds of a storm.

The word for singing in verse 2 relates to the sound of string instruments and voices together. Giving him glory means to honor him, particularly in praise, or a psalm. In other words, through all of our verbal and musical expression.

God’s deeds, the typical, average things he does are called awesome by human description. His awesome deeds are a force that is something to be feared. But God’s full power goes so much farther and higher than we might imagine. His abundant forceful power is a strength that makes even his enemies cringe. By enemies, I mean those who hate him, even if they were in his presence.

We are reminded that all the natural earth sings praise to God in verse 4. Nature worships, which is to bow down to the ground. As it does, nature sings and praises the name of its creator. That is to say, it honors the authority that God has over it.

5 Come and see what God has done:
he is awesome in his deeds toward the children of man.
God is calling people to him. He wants us to gather, not to hide or be afraid of what he’s doing. He has some of those trifling deeds of his, and he wants to show them to us humans. So come and look at them. They are both inspiring in their beauty and be prepared to stand in reverent fear of their power.

Here’s just a couple that this gathered people witnessed for themselves. The sea was turned into dry land. A natural obstacle that was removed by divine, supernatural strength. They were able to pass through on foot, under their natural power.

God victoriously rules. His mighty reign is forever, into the unseen distance. God is diligent as he leans into the distance to be watchful over his people.
Those who are rebellious, those who insist on turned away from him, have no room to claim even pride in themselves.

Truths to take away. God is greater than we are. He is amazing, we are not. Sing, shout, praise, and bow down prostrate in honor of him. He may put us to the test, as in having an obstacle as big as the sea. But he delivers and protects his faithful ones through those trials. Enemies who hate him have no room for pride and will be eternally defeated.


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