Finishing our three part examination of Psalm 66, annd the journey from a global praise to community thanksgiving, we wrap up with sharing individual expressions of worship.

Spine of a Bible ca. 2001, “Used with permission from Microsoft.”

We enter God’s house to offer praise, but what is this house? From the beginning, God never commanded a permanent house be built for him. His temple is not built with hands. It’s his gathered people. When ever, or where ever we get together, it’s the right time to present our meager offerings, and finalize vows.
While in trouble or in debt, a vow is a way to express devotion to God.

The best gift anybody can hope to offer to seal a vow is a fattened, burned animal. But the smoke of a burnt offering is far from being powerful enough to cover sin. They might be fine for completing a vow, but today we have a more complete solution in Jesus. His substitutionary atonement goes beyond the animal sacrifice. listed, which are more for communal sins, not individual).

16 Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what he has done for my soul.

Come and hear. Come and share all the good things God has done. What have you experienced lately? Celebrate with others as they also testify about what the lord has done for them. Count your blessings.

All those who fear God should be able to resonate. Remember, the word for revere is to admire something that is both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. That common love for God is the glue that sticks his people together.

In a close family, let the emotions flow. Cry, lament, sing, praise, and everything in between. Declare your loyalty to God.

Be aware though, there is one thing that drives a wedge to keep God from doing all he wants to do in your life. What does this look like? Holding love for sin in your heart, secretly desiring the rebelious nature of the world, . clinging to the creature comforts of the culture. This is a person who God won’t obligate himself to listen to the prayers of such a person.

The proof of a pure heart is when God listens and answers prayer. That’s how you know. Bless him, praise him, reflect his mercy and grace back to him out of honor and gratitude. He has been faitful through the hard times. Be faithful to him. Give him (thanksgiving) for answered prayer, and his steadfast (enduring) love.


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