Truth Exposed 16 Overwhelmed. John 6:1-15. (267)

In this spectacular miracle that gets mentioned in all four gospels, it’s said the first miracle wasn’t in the feeding of the crowd, but that a boy still hadn’t eaten his lunch yet. Still, even the smallest of contributions go a long way.

Today, we dive in deep to learn as much as we can about depending on Jesus when life overwhelms. Also in relying on wealth or physical resources to satisfy. Following his instruction turns out to be easier on us as we pass along the things he supplies. The deepest hunger any of us can have is for spiritual food. Make Jesus your spiritual king.

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Summary. Jesus doesn’t need wealth to meet overwhelming need. He doesn’t need lots of material resource. He doesn’t expect his followers to have those things, only to obey with even the little resources we have. it’s good to model his easy instructions. Have them sit, distribute the resources he supplies, gather it up again for an accounting. In the end, masses are satisfied, and basketfuls replace the meager sack lunch.

It’s also not about the physical need, which is temporary. Instead, make him king over the heart. Participating in his eternal, spiritual kingdom.


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