Truth Exposed 17 Walking on Water, John 6:16-22. (272)


  • Jesus had been teaching and healing in the area of the sea of Galilee.
  • The crowd of 5000 from the previous Miracle were intent on making him king.
  • so he withdrew into the mountains.
  • His disciples were apparently left behind.

John6: 16-22 (ESV)

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It was no accident Jesus ran up the mountain, away from his disciples. It led the misguided crowd in the wrong direction. Should they follow, or stick with his disciples? One boat rowed away, but where was Jesus?

The disciples might be just as equally confused. Jesus left. Should we stay or go? The boat might have sailed peacefully to the other shore, where Jesus might have amazingly shown up. If anything, only the skeleton crew on a storm-free lake, who stayed awake would be seen Jesus walking by.

It was no accident the storm blew in. It made everybody wake up. They all saw him on the water. But fear wasn’t Jesus’s intent It was more about gladness. He wasted no time in comforting them, calming them. He wanted them to see his amazing power over the waves and water.

For the brief time of dealing with waves, and fear, all the disciples woke. Their fear turned to joy and in an instant, without any more work, the boat was at its destination. In this life, fears rise, rolling waves serve to wake us, but the rewards of eternity outweigh the persecutions of this temporary world. Worries and fears all seem to end in an instant. The endless work we thought was ahead is gone when we meet Jesus and take him in.


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