Victory for the Victim. (277)

Or, Victory Over Sin

Do you ever wonder if victory over the issues the world faces is possible?
Do you think victory would be more likely if people were confident they could win?
Is victory over sin more likely for those who are Christian?

Let’s develop confidence regarding victory over sin, by reviewing Romans chapter 7.

Sin Defined

Victory in a battle is far more likely if we know our enemy. Is the law our enemy? Of course not. Then what is our enemy? Sin is, because it provokes temptation in our sinful nature.

Think about it. What do children often do when adults tell them not to do something? They do it anyway. They may not even know about the bad thing, until being told to avoid it. The warning awakened a temptation in them.

The law does not cause anyone to disobey, it only defines sin, and describes God’s high standards. Because people tend to believe they are generally good, they need the law. People need God’s objective source to warn us of dangerous things in our world.

The Struggle with Sin

What wrong conclusions might people draw about the law from Paul’s logic? That we might not be responsible for the sin we do. People may have the attitude of “the devil made me do it.” But if that’s true, take a look at your worst devil the next time you look in the mirror

It’s bad enough that sin destroys people through what is evil. Paul declared what makes sin even worse is that it takes what is good, God’s law, and brings about death through it.

Being made out of flesh makes us incapable of keeping God’s law.

Nathan takes over to share the gospel message. In short, heaven is a free gift that we can’t hope to pay for on our own. The good news is that God already provides the way through Jesus. The only thing we are required to do is to believe. To accept his promise on trust. Our own works won’t measure up, it’s only by faith.

Back to our look at Romans to wrap up.

Victory Over Sin
Romans 7:21-27

Although we can rely on eternal security, we will still face struggles with sin on a daily basis. It doesn’t mean we failed. It only means we’re human.

Our deepest desire is to have justice. To live up to the standard of God. The ongoing battle in our weak, sin-filled mortal bodies is proof that we need a savior. Wretched men that we are.

We have that eternal savior, thanks to God,


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