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Adam and Eve Did Not Die After Eating the Fruit

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Adam and Eve Did Not Die After Eating the Fruit

A challenge we often see is that Adam and Eve were supposedly promised to die immediately after eating of the fruit of the knowledge of Good and Evil. We see this in Genesis 2:17. It says ” of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil you shall not eat for in the day you eat of it. You shall surely die”.

So, people say well we have evidence that Adam and Eve ate of that fruit and they did not die immediately. However, we have an issue of which death? That is correct. We often think of physical death. God often thinks of spiritual death. So did Adam and Eve died spiritually, immediately the moment Adam ate of that fruit? Yes, he did.

Note that Eve ate the fruit and gave it to Adam. But the moment Adam ate of the fruit, he recognized that he and his wife were naked. And so when God focuses on that, he says who told you you were naked. Well, the knowledge that they were naked was proof that they fell spiritually they died, spiritually. Now, yes the death process began physically, but what did it mean when God said you will surely die. He was speaking in a spiritual nature. That they would be spiritually dead.  That is the state that we are born in. And so he did not die immediately spiritually the physical processes death began an eternal death is something awaiting those who refuse to accept Christ.

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