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Are There Missing Books of the Bible?

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Are There Missing Books of the Bible?

Are there missing books to the Bible? You will often hear this, argued that there are books of the Bible that have been left out. They are missing. Books like the gospel of Thomas, the gospel of Judas or the gospel of Mary. There are all kinds of books that people claim should have been in the Bible and they were left out.

Well, the reason they were left out, is not because they are missing. They are left out because they were never Scripture. There are actually four letters that Paul wrote to the Corinthians. We know that because in first and second Corinthians, he refers to these other letters and we don’t have those as scripture either. So not everything that Paul wrote was scripture. Not everything about Jesus was Scripture, but we recognize that.

In the first century, they knew Peter, recognize what Paul wrote as scripture, so they knew what was Scripture. There was a Canon, a measurement, of what is Scripture. That was basically, it had to be accepted at the time of its writing. It had to be copied in and seen as Scripture. It had to be consistent so that these missing books aren’t consistent. They have errors in them, and there are not many copies. They weren’t seen as being Scripture. They weren’t used as Scripture, so they’re not missing, and that. Is the misnomer. When people say missing books of the Bible are lost books of the Bible that word itself makes you think that they’re missing when there’s no evidence that they were ever part of the cannon. They’re not missing cause they were never part of it.


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