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Can We Really Know What Happens After We Die?

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Can We Really Know What Happens After We Die?

Can we really know what happens after we die? This is often a challenge that we will hear that people will say, we won’t know what happens until we die. Now, at its core of this argument, what you have is the case that people are saying that we cannot know something for sure without experiencing it.

Does that actually play out in other areas of life? If I run my car off a 1500 foot cliff, do I know what’s going to happen? Yes. Gravity is going to take effect. I’m going to free-fall down, smashed a car, and probably die. I don’t need to experience it to understand that if I inject myself with certain drugs, do I know what’s going to happen? Well, if I’m going to take a hallucinatory drug, I’m going to start hallucinating. If I’m going to do other drugs that affect you, you, we can know the results of those things. If I choose to ignore cancer and my body, can I know what’s going to happen? Do I have to experience it or can I know that cancer will spread? Well, yeah, we can know these things. We don’t have to experience them.

So the underlying argument that they make that we can’t know something until we experience it is just not a valid argument. So. Is there a way that we can know what happens after we die? Yes, we can know absolutely what happens after we die because someone who’s been there has come back and told us. See, Christ not only came from heaven to earth who tell us about heaven, but he went back there and came and spoke with people even after he was back in heaven.