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Did God have a Cause?

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Did God have a Cause?
The challenge for today is the challenge of if everything needs a first cause, then where did God come from? Now, many people think that this is an argument that proves that nothing created everything in other words, that there was no God because God needs a cause. However, there’s a problem in the logic, What you end up seeing is, in philosophy, there is the idea of an uncaused cause. In other words, there must be something that created everything from nothing. There must be something that was before everything. That thing or Person did not have a beginning and does not have an end. In other words, God did not have a cause. Everything that has a beginning had a cause. However, God had no beginning, therefore, God had no cause. This is something we have to understand about God that He is eternal. He had no beginning and He had no end. The Scriptures are clear on this, that He was before the universe was created. Therefore, He did not have a cause, because He did not have a beginning, it is a logical fallacy when they try to argue that God must have a beginning because He must be caused.

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