Did Jesus Know He was God?

Rapp Report Daily 0427
Did Jesus Know He was God?
Did Jesus know that he was God incarnate? The claim that people try to make his somehow Jesus became a man and He stopped being God. As if when He became incarnate, He lost those attributes that make Him deity like omniscience. Well, the simple answer is no. Throughout the gospels, we see over and over and over again that Jesus can read people’s minds.
You can look at Matthew chapter 9. The Pharisee says when He says your sins are forgiven, they say who can forgive sins but God alone. He knows what is in the minds of men. This is evidence that he was still omniscient. Now if Jesus, being omniscient, was walking on Earth as a man while still being omniscient by the very definition of omniscience, He knows everything.
So yes the simple answer, Jesus Christ while He walked the Earth as a man knew He was God all along. Now some people say but he grew in stature and knowledge or wisdom is some translations may say.  That is true in His humanity. He seemed to grow but the reality is all throughout. He was still having the attributes of deity.
He was all-knowing. He was God and he knew it.

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