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Discussing Hell

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Discussing Hell
How do you discuss hell with a Christian who does not believe there is such a place? Now, there are those that profess to know Christ and yet they end up agreeing with Jehovah’s witnesses and others that hell does not exist. Many believe this because they just do not like the idea of eternal punishment. But whether we like it or not, this is a reality.
How do you discuss it with them? Well, I go to Daniel 12:2 which says “in many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake some to everlasting life and some to an everlasting contempt.” So in the same manner that there is eternal life is this eternal contempt that we would call hell.
You can also go to Isaiah 66:24 which says, “and they shall go out and look at the dead bodies of the men who have rebelled against me for the worm shall not die, their fire shall not be quenched, and they shall be an abhorrence of all flesh.”
You see, they wanted to deny there is an eternal consequence even though they sin and break the law of an eternal God. It is because God is an eternal being that we have an eternal consequence. So the question is, who do you focus on? Do you focus on man and what he thinks or in who God is? Because we violate a holy, infinite God, we have an eternal consequence. That is the reality.

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