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Do I Need to Clean Up My Life Before Becoming a Christian?

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Do I Need to Clean Up My Life Before Becoming a Christian?

Sometimes people ask, do I need to clean up my life before becoming a Christian? And what this actually does is show confusion on what it means to be a Christian. We can understand this confusion because every man made religion is going to be a system of morality. Being a system of morality, they are more focused on doing good things and not doing bad things. And that’s the thought that Christians should somehow be perfect or the thought that Christians have to be people who are living generally morally better than everyone else. That is not what makes a person a Christian. A Christian is not someone who is better behaved than other people, though they should be after they become a Christian.
When we say about becoming a Christian, that point when we go from not being a Christian to being a Christian, that point. Is one where it does not take cleaning up our life. In fact, it takes the recognition that our life is a mess, that we are sinners and cannot save ourselves. That is what it first takes to be a Christian. We have to recognize we’re sinners in the hands of an almighty God who is just and holy and therefore we cannot do work to pay for it ourselves. We have to rest upon him.
So becoming a Christian is when we turn from trusting ourselves or our good works or genealogy and trust in Jesus Christ and Him alone. That is what it means to be a Christian. Therefore we cannot do good works to be a Christian or clean up our life to be a Christian, we have to trust in Jesus Christ alone.


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