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Does Everyone Have an Opportunity to Repent?

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Does Everyone Have an Opportunity to Repent?
Does everybody have an opportunity to repent and put their faith in Jesus Christ? You sometimes hear this argument worded as if someone in a tribal Village in Africa does not know who Jesus is and therefore, they do not have an opportunity to believe in Christ.
However, what we see in Romans chapter 1 is that everybody knows God. Everybody knows God exists. So they are without excuse. So we have to recognize is yes, everybody has an opportunity to repent and trust in Jesus Christ. Because they know God. Even the atheist, well, they are actually in a professing atheist, because they actually know according to Romans 1 that God exists, but they suppress that truth in unrighteousness.
God has not only given us creation to realize He exists. He has not only given us a God-consciousness so we know that He exists. But He has given us a conscience so that we know right from wrong and no one we do wrong, we are out of favor with Him and must get right. So yes, every time we sin we feel that guilt and that is an opportunity of the Holy Spirit working on us to bring us to repentance but some resist and some do not.

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