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Does God Cause Man to Sin?

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Does God Cause Man to Sin?
If God is in control of all things, does that mean that He makes people sin? This is an idea that many people challenges with because the thinking is that somehow if God is sovereign, in other words, the belief that God is in control every atom in the universe, then He must cause everything to happen. That is not true. In fact, we have a doctrine called the doctrine of concurrence, which basically teaches that God can use even sinful acts to bring about His glory. Now, the greatest example of this is in the Old Testament in the book of Genesis, at the very last chapter of Genesis chapter 50, where you have Joseph. Joseph’s brothers come to him, his father died, they are afraid that he is going to pay back them for what they did to him and they send a message saying, Hey, dad wanted you to, to let us go, and to forgive us. What does Joseph end up saying?¬† Joseph ends up saying that he is not God. And that in verse 20, it says, “as for you, you meant it for evil, but God meant it for good to bring about many people should be kept alive today”. So God can use the sinful actions that we do, and use them to bring about good and His glory. It doesn’t mean we should go about sinning but it does mean that He is in control of all things.

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