Does God Make Mistakes?

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Does God Make Mistakes?
Does God make mistakes? Well, this is a question that many will ask because of us. The problem they have is basically to think that God is like us. Let us first think about what a mistake is. Mistakes are a result of the fall. A mistake is when you do something that is wrong. So what are they really asking is, Can God do anything that is wrong? But once you say something is wrong, you then have to ask, what is the standard, you have to go back to a standard to make anything right and wrong? So the question is, if someone is making a mistake, that means that they have done something wrong, which means there must be a standard in which to compare, what is the standard that we have to compare? Well, the only standard that is absolute, universal and immaterial, would be God Himself. God, Himself is the standard. And therefore, if we are going to compare everything, when we say we make a mistake, we are doing something wrong. But when we talk right and wrong we need a standard and that standards God. Well, I think you see where this answer is going. No, God cannot make a mistake. Now, some people may say, but I think that God should do things some other way than He does. What they are doing when they do that is they have set themselves up as the standard, and they want to replace God and put themselves in that place. Well, We have to always go back to say, what is the issue? And you want to ask, what is the standard if the standard is God, then he cannot be wrong and cannot make a mistake.

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