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God Says not to Kill but He Kills

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God Says not to Kill but He Kills
We are often challenged with the argument that God says, “you shall not kill” but then He kills. So they will ask why does God contradict himself? Well, let us ask the question, did God actually say, “thou shalt not kill”, no. When we look at what it says in Exodus chapter 20, and that is the passage that they often want to go to what it says there is, “thou shalt not murder”, not kill. There are two different words that we have in both the Hebrew and in the Greek. Here we are looking at Hebrew, that speaks about murder not killing. They are not the same thing. These are two different events. The issue that we end up seeing in them is the fact that killing is an act where someone will maybe slaughter an animal where someone is taking another life in a general sense. However, murder is a little bit different. Murder is not just some random act, but it is taking of an innocent life. In other words, the fact that someone may, in a just war, take someone’s life is not considered murder. It is considered killing. The taking of someone’s life who is unjustly taken, that is what is called murder. So the command that God gives is “thou shalt not murder”. They want to say, ‘well, God kills”, well He does. Because God is just and when He kills, He is killing people as an act of justice because they have sinned against a holy God.

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