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How Do You Know the Bible is True and Not Other Books?

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How Do You Know the Bible is True and Not Other Books?

How do you know that the Bible is true in other sacred texts from other religions or not books like the Quran with a book of Mormon or Bhagavad-Gita or others? How do we trust the Bible? Well, the way we can tell is that when you look at these other books, take for example the book of Mormon or the Quran, you have usually one author and within the one author, you see inconsistencies. You see things that are errors.

The Quran, for example, the author of the Chron did not know Christian theology and therefore he would argue that the Christian view of the Trinity is mother, Father, and Son, and that would not be the case of what the Trinity is. They also would define it as three gods. Well the fact that that contains an error in definition, we know it is false.

You have things in the book of Mormon giving details that do not work with any of the history that we know from the land in the Americas. You cannot substantiate any of the claims there.
With the Bible, you can substantiate the claims in archeology and history. But you also see with 40 different writers over 1500 years, no inconsistencies in what they are teaching. Now, people will try making inconsistency saying, well, here you have, Jesus, heals one leper and somewhere else two lepers, things like that. What you end up seeing there is that one author is referring to one of the two people. That is not an inconsistency. Though the Bible is true because it is the one written by God. That’s ultimately the answer.


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