How Were OT Saints Saved?

Rapp Report Daily 447

How Were OT Saints Saved?

The question often comes up, how did Old Testament saints get saved? As if they got saved as somehow different than all people. No, we end up seeing in the book of Hebrews is that the Old Testament saints looked forward to what the Messiah would do. So they would have sacrifices, burnt offerings, things like this, that they would atone for sin. But they always knew, that was just a picture of what was to come.
The Old Testament saints looked forward to the Messiah is coming when the suffering servant, as described in Isaiah 53, would come and be that final sacrifice. Now, many people tried to argue that old Testament saints were saved by works as if there is some other way to be saved other than grace alone, by faith alone, in Christ alone.
No. What we end up seeing is they were saved the same way everybody else is, though. They looked forward to Christ and we have them for knowledge of looking back and seeing what Christ has done. So we look at what Christ has done in the past, they looked at Christ would do in the future, and we are both saved by grace.

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