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I am as Good as Any Christian

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I am as Good as Any Christian

Maybe you have heard the argument that a professing atheist would make that I am as good as any Christian. In New York City, they actually had an ad on bus signs that said, “good without God”. The argument that they are making is that they do not need God to be morally good. They could be good without God.
However, they are missing the mark. The issue is not can we be morally good without God. The issue actually is where do we get a standard of goodness from without God. You see the only absolute universal standard that we can appeal to for goodness is the very nature of God. So we need God when we say something is good.
So can someone be good without god? Well, actually no they cannot. Because to be good requires God’s existence. You cannot be good without God. Because to say something is good or evil requires the nature of God if you are going to say that there is no God, but you can be good, then the only thing that someone can appeal to then is a subjective standard. And the subjective standard does not hold because that is subjective. You cannot compare it to others. So every time someone says they are as good as any other Christian. They are actually requiring God’s existence.

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