If God is Omnipresent will He be in Hell?

Rapp Report Daily 0379
If God is Omnipresent will He be in Hell?
If God is omnipresent, will He be in hell forever? Now let us first start with what omnipresent means. Omnipresent means that God is everywhere present. In other words, there is nowhere that you can go where God is not present. Now there is a falsehood that many teach. Many people teach that God is absent from hell or God is not in hell. They say that when people go to hell, they will spend eternity without God’s presence because God cannot be in the presence of sin. Well, that’s actually not true. Just read the book of Job, and Satan himself has to appear before God. Clearly, God can be in the presence of sin. God being omnipresent means He is even here on earth. And yes, there are sinners here too. Do not let the unbelievers know because well, they think there are only hypocrites in the church. The church is filled with people that believe that are sinners saved by grace. So when they sin, it is what they already admit. It is when the unbeliever’s sin when they say they are good that is hypocritical. That aside, what you end up seeing is what we see in hell is not the absence of God’s presence, but the absence of a relationship with God. God will be in hell. God’s being in hell will actually be even worse because what we will see is that God in hell is the reality that they are without a relationship with Him. And that will make it all the much worse.

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