If Suicide is Wrong then Why did Jesus do it?

Rapp Report Daily 0389
If Suicide is Wrong then Why did Jesus do it?
If suicide is wrong, then why did God commit cosmic suicide? This is an argument some of the new atheists try to make as if Jesus Christ, taking His own life on the cross is an attempt of suicide. That might be if it was that Jesus was created in the image of God and not actually, God. What you end up seeing here is a category error on what suicide actually is, and why it is wrong. The reason that suicide is wrong is that it is the taking of life, even your own because people are made in the image of God. God would say that we are not to murder and to take your own life is an act of murder, even if it is your own. However, what Jesus Christ did on the cross was not an act of murder. He gave of his life. Remember, He was on the cross, given enough time, He would have died just from natural circumstances. But He being God was in control of His life. The fact that He could be having His hands stretched out and His feet having nailed into the cross, He could not take His own life if he was not God. So the irony is when they say, Jesus took His own life, what they are actually arguing without realizing it, is that they are admitting that He had to first be God, that in that act, He could give up of his own life. That proves He is God therefore, it was not suicide, and they just lost the argument.

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