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Is Being Religious Enough?

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Is Being Religious Enough?
Many people try to say they do not need God. They are religious. As if being religious is enough. Is being religious enough? Does God, except our religion or religiosity? No, He does not. You see, God sets a perfect standard. We must be absolutely perfect in word in thought, and indeed. None of us can hold to that.

That is why the psalmist says, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. Every single one of us falls short of the mark and being religious is just a work. It is not getting right with God. It is us feeling better about what we do, thinking that that should merit something with God.

Remember being religious is an attempt to earn merit with God, is just a work. And we are not saved by works. We are saved by grace. In other words, the only work that matters is the work that Jesus Christ did on the cross. And when people say, but I am religious, what they are actually doing is saying that their works should count more than the works of Almighty God. When he came to earth, lived as a man and died on a cross. No, the simple reality, our works can never compare to what Jesus did on the cross.

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