Is God Sexist?

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Is God Sexist?
Sometimes the question is, is the Bible sexist? The argument here is that a lot of people seem to think that somehow to emphasize one sex or gender over the other is somehow wrong. Now, this is really changed, at least in America in the last 10 years, because the whole idea of gender has changed. This argument is because God refers to himself in the male gender, and seems to deal with men. Therefore, people somehow like to say that God or the Bible is sexist because it seems in their mind, to put men in front of women or above women. However, when we look in the Bible, we do not see that men are superior in any way to women. There were cultural things that were going on. The fact that men would be the ones that would do the work and women would be the ones to stay at home is going to mean that men will be discussed more than women. But is it sexist for God to refer to Himself as a male? Well, here we have the issue that God chose to create men first, and that becomes the issue He wants male headship. And this is something that theologically we understand, This is the way God created it. So we have to let God be God. The issue is that people want to be God. Now in our day and age, people want to say, we should accept people the way they identify, Well, God identifies as a man, Therefore, except the way He wants to be called.

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