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Is It Biblical to Refer to God as Mother?

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Is It Biblical to Refer to God as Mother?
There are many people who are having real issues with what the Bible says because God is referred to in a masculine sense.  Now what you see is people want to know is it biblical to refer to God as God the mother or to refer to God in female gender. The simple answer is no it is not biblical.
Now for many of the people who want to argue that we should be open-minded and allow God to be referred to with the feminine gender. Well, the simple answer that you should give to anyone like that is the fact that God identifies as a male. You see most of these people that would argue that God should be referred to as a mother will also argue that people should be able to use whatever pronouns they identify what God identifies as a male and identifies as father. Therefore. The only biblical way to refer to God is the way that he calls Himself not the way some liberal agenda wants to try to rewrite the Bible because they do not like the hierarchy that God created the ordained roles that God set in place. And so what do they do? They want to try to say God is Mother and therefore women are exactly equal to men in all things. That is not what the Bible says.

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