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Is It Wrong to be Angry with God?

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Is It Wrong to be Angry with God?
Is it wrong to be angry with God?  Well, the simple answer is no. It is never right to be angry with God because it shows that we do not understand our place and His place. He is the creator, the Sovereign, the Ruler of the universe, God!  Therefore, we are not in a position where we can hold things over Him or have a rightful place to be making demands of him.
Therefore, yes, anger with God would be a sin. However, does it mean that we are not emotional beings and there are times that we do act emotionally and for have feelings where we are upset with the things that God does or allows that we do not like. Well, yes, there are times that that occurs and there are times with people where they do get angry with God.
So what is the solution to that the solution is that we have to know our rightful place before a holy God. God is the Creator. He is Holy and because of who He is. He has a rightful place to demand of us submission, but we do not always like that. But the way to change having anger with God is not to fight him but to submit to him to recognize our rightful place in His world that he created to recognize that he is the ruler. He is Sovereign not us.

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