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Is Sin God’s Fault?

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Is Sin God’s Fault?

Is sin God’s fault. Now, some people try to argue that God made me like this, or God made the world like this, and therefore sin is God’s fault. After all, isn’t he in control of everything? Well, yes, God is in control of everything. However, just because He is sovereign, meaning there is not a single atom in the universe that is outside of His control, it does not mean that God causes everything the way we would think. God allows things to happen. He is still in control.

Think of it as a parent who knows their child is gonna do something wrong and sets up parameters to allow a child to fail to learn a lesson. Well God, also allowed His own creation to fail for His own purposes. Did he cause it? No. Satan was the first being to act in a sinful way in all of the universe, followed by other angels, then eventually Eve then Adam. So what you end up seeing is that all of creation has fallen and suffered the consequences of the curse because of what Adam and Eve ended up doing.

Is it God’s fault? No. We have to put the responsibility on those who actually took the action, and that would be Adam and Eve. They knew the consequence. They chose to sin any way. So we do not blame God for sin, but if it was not Adam and Eve, we would have done the same thing.


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