Jesus Never Existed

Rapp Report Daily 0429

Jesus Never Existed

A common argument that we hear only in the last say 40 years is the argument that Jesus never actually existed. He was just a myth. Something that the gospel writers embellished. People later on in the Catholic Church made up. Whatever the arguments they try to claim to say that Jesus was never actually a historical figure.

This is something that, well, it would be laughable, if we didn’t have to respond to even Bart Ehrman, who is not a Christian and spends all of his time trying to criticize Christianity, he even argues in his books that Jesus in the original gospels would never claim to be God and that the disciples embellish that and yet he would say there’s more historical evidence for Jesus than any other person in Antiquity.

So what you end up seeing is we have plenty of evidence. We could look not only at the Bible that is actually a historical document. But we can look at the writings of Josephus and other historians of the time that also mentioned it. We see Jesus mentioned in Roman documents.

The best argument is in the time of the writing. We see Jesus mentioned in other historical documents known as the Talmud the Jewish writings if there was anybody who would not want to identify Jesus as having existed or making it up it was the Jews. So we see lots of historical evidence that Jesus was a historical person.

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