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Jesus was Just a Good Teacher

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Jesus was Just a Good Teacher
Jesus was just a good teacher. Well, this is a common claim, especially from Jewish people. Jews will try to say that Jesus was only a good teacher. Now that argument actually does not work. When you say Jesus Christ was good. You are going to have to define how because what we see is that Jesus Christ throughout the gospels clearly claimed that he was God.
He said He is the I am. He said that the Father and He are one in essence. He took on titles of deity. He did things that only did he could do. He claimed things and only deity can claim. So what we see is that Jesus Christ claiming to be God would not be good. I think it is C.S. Lewis who had said this do not know who originated it, but Jesus could only be one of three things.
He was either a liar in that. He claimed to be God and was not. Or He was a lunatic in actually thinking He was God when He was not.  Or He was who He said He was and Jesus is Lord. But one thing you cannot say is He was just a good teacher. Because a good teacher would never deceive thousands of people into believing that He is almighty God and can offer to them the forgiveness of sin.
No, Jesus was Lord.

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