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My God Would Never Send Anyone to Hell

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My God Would Never Send Anyone to Hell

Many times we hear the argument, my God would never send anyone to hell. Well, that’s actually true because the person who makes that sort of claim doesn’t believe in the God of the Bible. Therefore, their God who wouldn’t send anyone to hell because he does not exist. So that’s true there. God wouldn’t send anyone to hell.
Because he is a figment of their imagination. The question is not whether your God would send anyone to hell. The real question is, is the God that actually exists? Will he send anyone to hell? And the answer to that is yes, he does because he’s infinitely Holy. And because he’s infinitely just his justice requires him to punish crimes and a crime is anything that acts outside of his nature.
So why is lying a sin? Because God’s not a liar. Why is murder sin? Because God’s not a murderer. His nature is the standard. Therefore, he must punish all evil doers. Now we would like to compare ourselves to other human beings because that way we could feel better about ourselves, but the real comparison is with God.
God is absolutely perfect and therefore we must be also, God does punish people to hell because he is just an Holy.

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