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My Sin is in the Past So I am a Good Person

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My Sin is in the Past So I am a Good Person

Have you ever been evangelizing someone and they tell you, well, I used to lie and I used to steal, but I do not do that anymore. That was all in the past and I am a good person and deserve heaven. Well, when it comes to God, there is no limitation on the time for crimes committed against Him. In other words, it does not matter that it was in the past. The fact is we have broken God’s law. The moment we break God’s law, we would deserve eternity in a Lake of Fire. God is long-suffering with us. He allows us to continue to live and unfortunately to continue to sin and we bring judgment upon ourselves.

However, God made a way of escape the fact that Jesus Christ, all-mighty God, came to earth and died on a cross that you and I could be set free and be forgiven of sin, is the only way that we could be in a right favor with God. You see, you and I will never be a good person. It does not matter how good we are today because we have already broken his law. Once we break the law of God, we become criminals in his sight. We do not like that idea. However, it is true. We are criminals in the sight of God.

He would rightly judge us because he is a just judge who is angry with the wicked every day. So your sins are in the past, but you still have a judgment day coming. It is appointed onto man wants to die, and then the judgment.

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