Prove that God Exists?

Rapp Report Daily 0374
Prove that God Exists
We get this challenge a lot. Usually what they want you to do is give scientific evidence for that proof. In other words, they want you to use science to prove that God exists. This is actually a logical fallacy. It is a category error. Why? Because science is the study of the material world. God is immaterial. Therefore, science can never be used as the means of studying the immaterial world, which is where God is. So when we look at the study, we have to look at philosophy or religion, to understand the study of God, When they want scientific proof for God’s existence. Well, they actually have several dilemmas. The dilemma they have is that they want to rely on their ability to reason which is required to do the science that they want you to use. However, in their worldview of a purely material world where there is no God, there is no immaterial world. There is no ability to reason. Chemical reactions do not produce material things. They can only produce material things. So they have themselves a different problem. They are relying on the Christian worldview to deny the Christian worldview. That is a dilemma that they have not us.

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