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Simple Arguments Against Abortion

Rapp Report Daily 463

Simple Arguments Against Abortion

Looking at some very simple arguments against abortion. We looked at two in yesterday’s podcast, which was the issue of size and environment and easy way to remember this is the acronym, SLED; size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency. I got this from Stand to Reason, but you can go to other places. I think this actually started with Scott Klusendorf. Now let us look at each of these.

Size, does size matter in determining what it is in the womb? Is it a human or is it just tissue? The argument is size. Well, size does not matter. Size does not make one more human or less human. A taller person is not more human than a not smaller person.

Level of development, does the level of development matter? The argument is then the wound someone is still developing, so they are not really human yet. Well, when they come out of the womb, what is that difference from being in the womb to out of the womb? The level of development did not change much. In fact, that level of development does not change for years. It is a slow process. At what point do they, is the development enough they become human?

Environment, whether they are in the womb or outside the womb, does it matter? The argument is that where you are makes all the difference. Well, not really because that, womb does not change what it is, whether they are human or not.

Degree of dependency, the degree dependency are they dependent on humans, on other humans. Well, our kids are dependent on us for 18 years or more. So none of these things support abortion. And these are the arguments that you can use against people that support abortion.

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