Son of Encouragement

So after discussing encouragement, this week. Have you been encouraged? Have you encouraged others?
Here's the thing, when we look in the Scriptures, we see that there are many people who have relationships with one another, where their relationship is one of encouragement we see this with Jonathan and David. They were friends who were so close that they were a great encouragement to one another. We think about this with Paul and Barnabas, in fact, if you know the meaning of the name Barnabas and you know the account in the book of Acts, you realize that was actually not his given name. Barnabas is a nickname, it means, son of encouragement. In other words, Barnabas was such a man of encouraging others that it became his nickname. He and Paul went on missionary journeys together and were able to have an impact for the kingdom of God. But think about Barnabas, can you be a Barnabas to others, to be such a person of encouragement that you would have a nickname of a son of encouragement.
Would that be your nickname well may not be today but can each of us make a plan that this will be, how we want to be known. We want to be known as someone who encourages others so much so that people will start to nickname us one of encouragement.
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