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Survey of the book of 2 Timothy

An overview of the book of 2 Timothy.

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The book of 2 Timothy, well, like the first one this is also written by Paul the apostle and this was his second imprisonment. Now, he wrote 1 Timothy and Titus under the first imprisonment read a little bit more freedom. This is the second imprisonment where he had less freedom. In fact, it is likely that he may have known this could be and we believe it was the last letter he ever wrote you can look in 2 Timothy 4:6-8 and you see that he’ll say he’s being poured out. It seems that he knows he is not going to be released from this imprisonment. And therefore, this is his last letter to his son in the faith. Timothy trying to encourage him as he shepherds the flock in Ephesus. And he is giving Timothy his final words and that makes it important if he does.These could be his last words and he’s writing to encourage Timothy and he’s going to talk to him about the marks of being a good workman. He’s gonna talk about the faithfulness of ministry and making sure that he’s faithful to the preaching of the message to be sound in his theology in his doctrine. And so this is Paul’s final letter his last words to his son in the faith and his biggest concern is a Timothy would be sound in his theology and faithful in all things.

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