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Survey of the book of Hebrews

An overview of the book of Hebrews

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The book of Hebrews is a book that many people find a little bit difficult to understand because many people don’t understand the book of Leviticus. Now when we look at the book of Hebrews, this is written to a Jewish population. There is a lot here that you have to understand about Judaism and about the Old Testament. But the short of it is this with the author of the book of Hebrews wants you to know is one clear thing that Jesus Christ is preeminent. He is preeminent above the angels. He’s preeminent above the sacrificial systems. He’s preeminent above the priests. He basically is superior to everything that the Jews would look at as being valuable or something to be superior. Whether it be the law whether it be angels. Whether it be the priesthood, no matter how you look at it Christ is superior to everything. Now, most people know of Hebrews because of the one chapter called the hall of faith or chapter eleven where talks about all the people that lived by faith. And though we have that the real thing is this that you and I can live by faith because of what Jesus Christ did. And that sacrificial system of the Old Testament is no comparison to what Christ did for the new covenant. That is what the book of Hebrews wants to focus on it wants to focus that Jesus is supreme he is the superior one.

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