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Survey of the book of James

An overview of the book of James

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James is written by the half brother of Jesus, obviously, because they share the same mother Mary, but Jesus didn’t have a human father. So James became the pastor in the church in Jerusalem. Believers spread throughout and scattered around and James says he’s writing to the twelve tribes scattered abroad. And as he’s writing with a pastor’s heart. He’s concerned for them. And because of that he’s writing several things to encourage them to help them. And so this book is really a test of genuine faith. There’s many tests that you’re gonna see of how to evaluate whether you have genuine faith, 1) the test of perseverance in suffering, 2) the test of temptation, 3) the test of responding to the word of God, 4) the test of impartiality the test of having, 5) the test of¬† works, 6) the test of the use of your tongue, 7) the test of humility 8) worldly indulgences 9) dependence upon God patient, 10) endurance, 11) truthfulness 12) prayer, and 13) faith. Basically what you see in the book of James is a series of tests that you can evaluate yourself. There’s actually thirteen of them that you can look at to say is the faith that I have genuine which is very important. If you want to know the difference, we had true and false convert.

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