Survey of the book of Philippians

An overview of the book of Philippians. Philippians is a letter written by Paul where his original intention for writing a letter changed. Now, he is imprisoned at this time. The Philippian church had sent Epaphroditus to him with some money to care for him but he had gone so sick he almost died. And so Paul's original reason for writing this letter is to send back Epaphroditus, basically saying to the church that Paul was doing well because they would be upset with him coming home and not being able to stay in care for Paul. So Paul wanted to reassure him that he was fine that he was more concerned about Epaphroditus being back with the Philippian church. Now, there also was some division that was going on in the church. So he had to address that as well. So where he starts off with an with the hopes of sending Epaphroditus back. He also had to deal with division and with the issues of legalism and the lawlessness that was going on in this church. And the interesting thing about this letter is this is a letter of unity. It is strongly trying to promote unity within the body of Christ specifically within the church and that is the goal. He wants to see there be unity in this body of believers that cared so much for him. And he's going to have lots of different examples of that unity using himself and using Christ. It is very easy to read book, very enjoyable, but it is one that is written for unity in the church.

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