The Abortion Killer

Rapp Report Daily 465

The Abortion Killer

We have been looking at abortion and how it is wrong. We have to ask the question, what is it that is in the womb? Is it a human being or just tissue? Seeing ways we can identify that it is a human being and therefore murder is wrong. But there is something that is the abortion killer.

There is something that is used so effectively that it turns people away from abortion more than almost anything else, other than the gospel. The gospel is the greatest thing to turn people from abortion. However, there is one thing that medical professionals can use that helps them to put a stop in most people’s minds to the question, what is it?

And that is a sonogram. You see, it is one of the things that you see in Congress and those that want to support abortion, the one thing they do not want to allow is sonograms. Because when a mother sees that child, in her womb that is forming and they look at that child, they know it is a child and therefore they do not want to aboard it. They know they are killing someone.

Now there are those mothers that just do not care and that is how callous our culture has become. There are many who know it is murder. They are not a victim. They know what they are doing, but they want to have their life and they want to have their comfort and a child is just going to interfere. But sonograms are something that pro-life groups have been using for a long time because the sonogram is the abortion killer.