We All Need Encouragement

Have you ever gotten something that really greatly encourages you? I want to talk this week about things that encouraged us. I want to give you some examples, but we need encouragement. Many of us when we try to go through life pretending like we can handle everything. We don't need anyone else. We don't need to know what other people are thinking because we're good enough strong enough, whatever it may be, to be able to do this on our own and the reality is, every one of us if we're going to admit it needs encouragement, in fact, Scripture says that we should be encouraging one another. We don't like to admit that do we, but we should. We need to encourage one another, there's actually a many one another's in the Bible and maybe one day I will do a podcast on that. The fact that we should be about the business of encouraging one another it's something we need to do. It's something that the Bible calls us to. And when we think about it and by the way, I should mention this is in 1 Thessalonians 4:18 that it says, “Therefore encourage one another”. And so, the thing is, we should be about that business we should be doing that. And I want to encourage you. This week, we in different ways. I hope that you're encouraged. First off, by reading the scriptures. That is the greatest source that we can ever have encouragement in our life.
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