What are the Communicable and Incommunicable Attributes of God?

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What are the Communicable and Incommunicable Attributes of God?
When we talk about the attributes of God, the question that is often asked is what are the communicable and incommunicable attributes of God. Now, I do not classify the attributes got in this way. I classify them as attributes of deity, which are those that would be incommunicable, those that are communicable, we would find, at least I would as attributes of morality and attributes of personality. So, there are some different ways to clarify these things. However, we talk about the attributes of God, those that are communicable are those, that man, as well as maybe even angels, also have. So, you can think of these attributes as things like intelligence, emotions, or love things like this, that not only does God have, but man has as well, those attributes that are incommunicable or attributes that God alone has now in my classification, This would be attributes of deity, those attributes that God alone has and no one else. In other words, things like omniscience, omnipotence, omnipotence, things that define God as God. In other words, if you have these attributes, you would be God and only God has these attributes. So when we look at these, these are the differences between God and everyone else.

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