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What Are the Major Names for God?

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What Are the Major Names for God?
What are the names of God? Well, there are several names of God that describe the character of God, there are three main categories that we could put them in El or Elohim, Adonai, and what is called Yahweh or Jehovah. I am going to deal with these three here and then get in some of the other names for God, in another post. Elohim is a plural name of El, it means strong one or almighty and it refers to God’s Majesty. This name is one that is a plural which allows for a teaching of the Trinity. The name Adonai has the meaning of ruler, lordship, or sovereignty. The name Yahweh, or Jehovah, takes more time to explain. Well, first off, this is a meaning of the self-existing one. This is a very special name for the covenant relationship God, and it is so holy, so sacred that Jewish people would not pronounce the name for God to not break the commandment of using God’s name in vain. So you have the consonants, remember, in Hebrew writing, you did not have vowels written down, so we do not know the proper vowels, because it was never spoken. So what many Jews would do is replace the word Adonai in the place of this to not use His name in vain. So we do not know which vowels, we do not know the proper pronunciation. And that is why you will sometimes see it worded that way.

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