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What Does Inspiration Mean?

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What Does Inspiration Mean?

What does it mean that the Bible is inspired? What does inspiration actually mean when we think in our culture that inspiration generally has the idea that someone has a feeling about something. It’s not the same as what we see when it speaks of Scripture. In 2 Timothy 3:16, it speaks about “all Scripture being breathed out by God”. This is a compound word in the Greek that is the only time this is used, actually, this may be the only time it’s used in Greek. This is the first of its use, and it is the idea that God actually speaks out. It is the breath of God. When we think about our breathing.

You’re hearing my voice that is actually sound waves coming through. and breathing into a microphone and you are hearing my breath and that voice that I have, and that’s the idea of scripture. That scripture is the very voice of God. It is him breathing out, him speaking, and therefore when we think about scripture, it carries with it the authority.

From God because it is God’s very word. It is God speaking to man. That is the idea of what inspiration means. When we comes to the Bible, this isn’t our sort of song and it inspired me. No, this is different. This is the very voice of God.


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